Dress to Impress The Fellas

Books are judged by their covers. You never get another chance to make a first impression. All trite, but true, words of wisdom. How you dress for a first date is very important. Your clothes are an expression of your lifestyle, personal beliefs and attitude towards the date, itself.

Before you can dress to impress (and that should be your goal) you need to know specifically what and where you are going on the first date, and all dates after, if any. Obviously, one does not wear the same thing. Have you checked your weather app? Is it going to be hot, cold, start out warm, but get cold, etc?

Here are few basic tips guys. Take a shower and shave, trim if needed. It’s needed…just sayin’… Dress for the weather, so if it’s hot and a casual, evening, wear shorts. Clean shorts that are pressed, not ratty cargo shorts that look like you slept in them. Put on a collared shirt and tuck it in.

You probably don’t spend a lot of time on foot maintenance (exfoliating, clipping, filing, shaping, moisturizing) so no flip-flops or open toed shoes. Just don’t.

The following items are never first date, appropriate (or even 2nd through 10th date appropriate):

• T-shirts: nothing with a beer logo, a stupid saying, obscene gesture or word. You will not impress anyone with you Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me attire. Just no t-shirts, to be safe.

• Cargo shorts or pants, skinny jeans or anything camouflage. Unless you’re 17 or younger. These are clothing styles for teens, douche bags and the cast of Duck Dynasty. Dark colored jeans or slacks that are wrinkle free, fit well (not too tight and not too short) and clean are always in style and age appropriate.

• Denim jackets with flair. Under no circumstances should you show up for a date wearing a bunch of buttons with sayings like, I’m With Stupid or I Love Beer. See the above comment and refer to the douche bag description.

• An excessive amount of jewelry. Leave the pimp chains, rings and leather bands you braided yourself at home.

When you going out on a first date (or the second or third) dress in such a way that says: “I’m mostly normal,” or “I cared enough about meeting you to iron my pants and cover up my knarly yellow toenails.” There is nothing sexier than a man who puts a little effort into his wardrobe by wearing clean, pressed and appropriate fitting clothing. It’s the first step in securing a second date.

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