Early Dating Mistakes

There are creative and wonderful first, second and third dates. There are boring and poorly planned dates one through one hundred, and there are early dating mistakes to avoid. It’s wise not to participate in some dating rituals too early.

One of the biggest mistakes to make when you are in the early stages of a dating relationship is meeting family too soon. Until you get to know your date a lot better, attempting to interact with his/her family is often awkward for you and the family. Siblings may feel hostile towards you simply because they liked his or her first spouse or last girl/boyfriend. The parents may be wary of getting to know someone who might not be around in a month. Save the family introductions for when you have actually established an exclusive relationship.

The same advice about not meeting family too soon in the early dating stages also applies to friends. It’s unrealistic for you to expect them to embrace you into the fold right away. Your date barely knows you, and you’re basically a complete stranger to them. Hold off on meeting the friends until you’ve dated regularly a few weeks at the very least.

Being someone’s date to a wedding after only a couple of dates before it is a bad idea. This really goes back to not meeting friends and family too soon. It’s a terrible place to try and get to know someone better. It’s also fraught with peril in the form of relatives embarrassing you by telling your date about the time you farted really loud in church when you were thirteen. This advice also applies to class reunions.

Don’t go to a sexually explicit movie for the first handful of dates. It could be awkward, especially if you have not taken the sex-step in the relationship. It will make you wonder, “is she/he into that sort of thing?” Maybe you are excited about that thought, but there’s a good chance you’ll just be appalled instead.

The first few dates with someone new should be planned so that you can focus on each other for the most part, without the interruption of friends or family members around scrutinizing you and your date’s every move. Go to quiet venues where you can talk like a coffee shop, take a walk in the park, go to an outdoor concert and sit far enough from the music that you can carry on a conversation. Once you get comfortable with each other you can slowly start getting comfortable with family and friends.

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