Fashion Tips For Women To Look Their Best On The First Date

Dressing up for your first date with the man you have only seen in pictures and met through an online dating service website is heart jumping and nerve-racking. You have no clue how to impress him and how is he going to react when he sees you in person.

So, it’s your first and last chance to make an impression. If you dress up like a fashion disaster then, he might never call you back.

The perfect way to drive him crazy the first time he sees you is to be confident and dress according to the dating spot. Since most of the dates are planned, it’s best to make the most of it.

Here are some fashion tips that will help you dress to the occasion and he will definitely ask you out on a second date.

Dinner Date
If you have a dinner date at an elegant restaurant, then it’s best to wear a flowy knee length dress and stilettos. It will make you look chic and stunning. However, make sure you choose your dress in the right color. Since this is a formal dinner date, colors like red, black, sea blue and white will look great.

Enhance your look with fancy jewelry like diamante bracelet, thin silver necklace with a shiny pendant and a sleek watch. Also, try to carry a clutch bag instead of a purse. It gives a feminine look.

If you are wondering what about the hair, then don’t worry. Leave it open and let him be swayed by the wind. Men like it that way. You can also make curls or keep them straight, go with the one that suits you best.

Basketball Game
Basketball game is ideal to break the ice especially if it’s your first date. If you both are meeting for the first time at the basketball game, it’s best to go for a stylish and comfortable look rather than sexy & high maintenance.

You can choose a nice pair of denim jeans with a contrasting color cute T-shirt most preferably purple or white and comfortable shoes. Also, you can accessorize by wearing funky colored bracelet, basketball cap and a trendy sports watch that reflects your fun & adventurous side.
Argentine Tango Dance Class Date

If your guy has plans to meet you for the first time at the tango dance class, then he wants to see the elegant and strong side of you.

If you are new to Argentine tango and you have no idea how to shake a leg, don’t worry he will get your back. All you need to think about is how to walk into the tango class door that makes your date go gaga over you.

For a tango dance class date, you need to look sensuous and hot. So, wear a sexy yet graceful flowy tango dress in either red or black with strapped high heels to accentuate your body shape. Tie up your hair neatly.

Since tango is a powerful and a sultry dance form, you need to look confident and empowering. Glamorize your look with a nice shade of red lipstick, black mascara and of course red nail polish. At a tango date you don’t have to accessorize much. If you still want to wear jewelry, you can wear a thin silver bracelet. Once you dress up this way, you will surely burn the dance floor.