Finding a Balance with Your Friends and Boyfriend

You’ve recently just starting seeing a great guy and you are completely head over heels for him. While he may amazing, you can’t forget about your friends. Generally, when someone enters a new relationship, friends will give her a pass on disappearing for a bit of time. This doesn’t mean you completely forget about them and make your new boyfriend the center of your world. Your friends were there before you met him and they will be there in the future, don’t take advantage of this.
A great way to spend time with both your friends and boyfriend is to go on a double date. Your friends are probably very anxious to meet him so it’s the perfect way to make all parties happy, including you. Make sure the date is something social and interactive like dinner or bowling. This way, everyone can talk to each other and get to know one another. Going to a movie defeats the purpose of your friends getting to know your new beau since you will have to be quiet for the majority of the date.
You can also spend time with your girlfriends by dedicating one day out of the week to see them. Or if schedules don’t agree, at least grab dinner and check in with them. Even getting together for a little amount of time will let them know you haven’t forgotten about them. If time does not permit you to see them at all, phone calls and texts will become extremely important. Don’t only text or call when you need something.
Finding the balance between the two also means that your boyfriend shouldn’t encompass the entire conversation while you are with your friends. Remember to ask them about what’s going on in their lives. Maybe you missed something important during your hiatus. By asking, it shows you care to know what’s up with them and you aren’t being self-centered.
Yes your new boyfriend is wonderful but so are your friends. Never forget that they will be the ones that will help pick up the pieces something would go awry between the two of you. By finding a nice balance between the two or at least by trying your friends will see you are at least making an effort and not completely forgetting them.

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