Finding Out ‘Who’ He Really Is

Do you know who the guy you met online really is? When it comes to online dating, a person could theoretically be anybody they want. The guy who looks like a model could actually be a forty-something bald man with a beer belly the size of Rhode Island. While online dating sites have made great efforts to make it safe for men and women to meet online and ultimately go out on first dates, there are always going to be individuals who misrepresent themselves in their profiles.
This goes for women as well as men. However, as a woman, you want to protect yourself at all times and that includes the men you meet on online dating sites. So how can you find out if the man you’re having a conversation with is really the guy in the picture he has on his profile page? How do you know he’s not really married? How can you find out that he’s not an ex-convict with a record?
These questions are on the severe end of the spectrum, but they do happen from time to time. There are ways that women can protect themselves when going through the online dating process.
Choose a Reputable Online Dating Service
If you choose a reputable online dating service, they should offer options to conduct background checks as well as to verify that the man who set up the profile is actually the guy in the picture. If the guy you are interested in does not have this verification, you can request that he go through that step. He doesn’t want to or doesn’t want to spend the money, keep looking.
Ask if He Has a Social Media Profile
It seems that everyone today has a Facebook profile. If you have a social media profile, ask your potential date if he also has one. Ask him to add you. This doesn’t mean you are going to be friends, but this will give you an opportunity to see what his personality is like, the kind posts he puts up, the kind of friends he has, and so on.
Google Him
You can also Google search his name. If he isn’t willing to give you his full name as well as the city in which he lives, he may be hiding something. However, you may also wish to keep in mind that men also have to protect themselves when it comes to online dating. If you are interested in this guy for a first date, make sure you choose a public location and do not allow him to come and pick you up.
The more information you have about your potential first date, the safer you will be in the long run. Safety is the most important factor when dating.

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