First Date Conversation Tips For Men

Going on a first date with a woman whom you’ve met through an online dating website can be exciting & challenging. Exciting because it’s your first meeting and there is plenty to talk about. And challenging because since you are meeting her for the first time you are worried how to break the ice and make her feel comfortable. You don’t want to ask her a mood killer question that makes her never want to see you again.

Here are some best first date conversations tips that can help you make her feel comfortable and start on the right foot.

Don’t Talk About Her Ex
The biggest mistake men make while starting conversation during their first date is that they ask their date about her ex and the reasons why her relationship came crashing down. This is like asking her to share her emotional baggage. When she gets emotional, she will cry her heart out all night long and the only thing that you’ll be doing is wiping off her smudged mascara.

Talk About Casual Things
Asking her personal questions about intimacy can make her run away for good because it just reflects desperation. Remember making her uneasy on the first date can blow your chances with her. Therefore try tokeep things casual and light.

Also, avoid talking about religious or political questions because there can be serious opinion differences.
The best conversation starters on a first date are usually questions like: how she likes the place, what intrigues her, her favorite cuisine or music. Casual questions will make her feel comfortable and help you get to know her better.

Be Short & Concise
When she shoots a question at you, try to be short and concise. Lengthy and detail answers are boring on a first date. Remember she is out with you to have a good time, not to study about you. So, keep your answers brief& engaging so that her mind does not wander off to other things in the surroundings.

Have Confident Body Language
No matter how nervous you are, you have to look confident and relaxed. Majority of the women seek men with confidence. Lack of confidence can turn her off and blow your chances of meeting her again. However, this does not mean that you should come across as an egoistic and chauvinist.

Don’t Overdo Your Laughter
It’s good to smile and laugh on your first date as it shows that you are having a delightful time. However, excessive laughter can be annoying for your date and is also distasteful. Try to be funny and genuine. You don’t have to laugh out loud every time she says something funny because women can easily tell when you’re faking it.