First Date Safety Tips For Women

If you are meeting your date, someone you met online, for the first time, then you must consider a few first date safety tips. This is important because not every guy you meet online is who he pretends to be. You should always be careful when you go out with an unknown man, especially if you are a single parent.

Here are some safety tips:

Plan Your First Date at a Public Place
Try to keep your first date all about getting to know each other and the best way to do this is to select a public place. When you are in a public place, you can avoid awkwardness and be comfortable as you will be surrounded by lots of people.Suggested venues include places like a coffee house, bookstore, restaurant or a mall.

If you plan your first date at his place, things can get ugly. What if you don’t like him in person? What if he’s a player? What if he is totally opposite of what you expected him to be? In such situations, it can be very hard for you to leave right away especially if he gets aggressive.

Keep Your Friends Informed
Before you go out, for the first time, with your online date, its best to inform your roommate or your close friends about where and with whom you are going.Doing so will give them the opportunity to come to your help in case you get into trouble.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake
You should limit your alcohol intake to avoid losing control on your first date. This is important because alcohol impairs judgment and when you lose control, you may make poor decisions that you would regret later.

Keep Your Children Away
When meeting the guy for the first time, you don’t have to introduce him to your children. Though, you can disclose to him that you are a single parent because honesty is the first step towards a successful relationship. When you have dated him for a while and you think he is trustworthy then you can introduce your children to him and have a nice dinner together.

Don’t Share Your Personal Information
Being honest right from the start does not mean that you have to pour out all your personal information on your first date. Try to maintain a level of privacy.

Watch Out For Warning Signals
You can’t trust a guy you are meeting for the first time, so you need to watch out for warning signals like if he is coming on to you real faster if he wants you to come over to his place. If you don’t feel right, you should call it a night. But, if you also want to get close the first night, make sure he has protection.