Flirting through text

We live in the age of social media and the internet. Communication is different than it once was, and in a relationship, communication has changed significantly, and although it may not seem like the change is good, it can be a good, and can also be creative, but, it can also be destructive. Most people today communicate through texting. Texting is convenient, and easy because it is instant and because people are so busy, it makes it easy. There is no frustration to a continually ringing phone and you do not have to ever leave messages, with texting, you just write it out and send the message and know they will get the communication. Yes, there are downfalls to texting because you are never hearing voices and with the absent of voices, it is hard to determine what the tone is behind the message. Is your partner angry, frustrated, sad or happy? These are hard to discern through a text message. Texting can also take away a lot of the amorous flirtations that often happen with regular communication, and amorous flirtation is important in all relationships. The biggest problem for most couples is time. People are so busy that they often do not have time to communicate in a verbal format, and that means flirting over the phone is not going to happen. Couples need to use whatever means they have available to flirt, and if texting is the best form of communication for busy couples, then the couple needs to use that to their advantage. You can get creative, and keep the passion alive through romantic or hot texts to your partner. This may ignite some mutual play and flirting and enhance the relationship. You may have to feel your partner out to make sure they are comfortable with the occasional romantic text and if they are, it can be a powerful tool to keep the romance and spice alive.

No Cheating
When you are in a committed relationship there is an underlying understanding that you are together, and not going to see other people. Unfortunately, many people in relationships, for one reason or another, will go outside the boundary lines and cheat on their partner. Whether it is a physical romance or an emotional attachment that you have become involved in, it is all cheating and in most cases, will destroy the relationship permanently. For some people that cheat on their partners it is not more than a sexual rendezvous to meet some physical needs and then for others, it can be an attachment for someone for someone who is meeting emotional needs that are not currently being met. And then again, it could be a full blown affair where emotional and physical needs are being met. Venturing out from your relationship to have needs met is a sure way of ending the relationship. Most relationships do not survive this kind of hurt, and if they do, they are altered forever. In addition, there is insurmountable hurt and pain that goes along with affairs on so many people. The trickle effect of a physical or emotional affair can go deep. If a relationship is struggling affecting many different areas, it is important that the couple remain faithful to each other in order to preserve the relationship. Whatever problems a couple is experiencing, they will only be compounded and intensified by an affair. If the relationship is going to end, then, at that time, both partners can begin dating or seeing other people. Cheating on your partner while in a committed relationship is wrong and will have severe ramifications not only to the relationship but to the individuals as well. The person doing the cheating will bear the responsibility of inflicting severe pain on their partner. When in a relationship, stay committed until the union is dissolved.

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