Flowers or No? First Date Tips for Men

Getting ready for that first date will simultaneously a nervous and exciting time. You want to look your best, feel your best, and act your best. You want to impress this woman. After all, you’ve spent days or even weeks getting to know her through emails and other correspondence after meeting through an online dating site, so she knows a bit about you already, but still you want to shine this evening.

That brings up an ever-important topic about whether flowers are a good idea for a first date.

You’ll find a number of differing opinions on the subject. Some advice columns will state that flowers should be reserved for the second date, if there is one. Others will claim that flowers are still a great ice breaker.

So what’s the right answer? The problem with dating in the modern age is that there are so many opposing bits of advice that they actually don’t settle a guy’s nerves but rather exacerbate them.

Here’s the simple way around it. If you know that the woman you’re dating likes flowers, then why not? Some women write about flowers on their profiles. They give clues about their favorites. By paying attention to these details, you indicate that you care about the things that matter to her.

If she doesn’t or hasn’t given any indication about her preference for flowers, make sure she doesn’t have anything written down about allergies to certain types. Scour your past messages and her profile for clues. If there’s even the slightest indication that she either doesn’t like flowers or might be allergic to some kinds, then forgo bringing her flowers.

For the women who are a bit mysterious and you don’t know what they like, keep it simple. Bring her one flower. A nice carnation or subtle colored rose (avoid red roses for a first date at all cost) is a nice touch and won’t be too presumptuous on a first date.

Guys who show up with a dozen red roses or major bouquet can put the woman in a bit of an awkward position. Not only will she have to find a place for them while you’re on your date, but it will draw attention to her, and she’s already nervous enough as it is. A large bouquet can also be taken the wrong way, like leaning in for a nice, passionate kiss when you first meet.

Remember the adage KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) on a first date and you’ll do fine.

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