Footing the bill

Let’s face it, dating is expensive and can often require a new line item in your budget or, result in a hole in your wallet, but, that is the price to be paid to find a match. If you ask a person out, remember, the tab is on you. Of course, a Dutch treat date is acceptable as long as agreed prior to the date, however, if not, make sure you foot the bill. If you are on a tight budget you may need to date conservatively, and this really isn’t hard to accomplish. You may have to get a little creative with your dates, but that can also be a benefit to you in the long run. Over time, if you are enjoying each other’s company and want to continue dating, it is okay to discuss the dating expense.

Never have sex on the first date
Dating is a segue to many things. Overtime you develop a friendship, a romance, relationship and of course, intimacy, but the key word is overtime. You don’t want to jump into bed after just one date, okay, maybe you do, but that probably isn’t the best choice. No, it probably isn’t easy to turn down sex, especially if your date is stunning and you have chemistry but if your goal is for a second and third date that will lead somewhere, then take the time to focus on getting to know your date. After awhile, the attraction builds and the desire becomes increasingly intense making the sex more meaningful and amazing. If you have sex on the first date, there is often regret and guilt that follows, in addition to wondering if you are going to get another date.

Never show up unannounced
So you have been dating for awhile and things are going smoothly and it is obvious you like each other and have great chemistry but there are still many dating don’ts that should be followed and one of those is never show up unannounced. People have their circles, their comfort zones with friends or coworkers and may not appreciate a surprise invasion. Overtime it may become acceptable and even appreciated but until he or she has made you a part of their circles, don’t overstep your bounds.

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