Getting noticed

When you are entering into the dating world it can be pretty intimidating and you may feel like you are competing with hundreds of other single people. Unfortunately, it is pretty competitive out there and because of that, you will need to market yourself in a way that gets you noticed. This can be very difficult for many people because putting yourself out there is risky. However, you do need to get noticed so make sure you are always putting your best foot forward. Always make sure you are presentable. You do not have to be a perfect ten, or spend hours putting yourself together, but you should spend some time making yourself look the best you can look.

If you are a woman, dress sexy but not sleazy, and if you are a man, dress in a way that will cause a woman’s head to turn. It is hard not to notice someone that stands out in a crowd, whether it is their appearance, hair, stature, or smile and that is what you are trying to do, get noticed.

Make sure to never overdo it on the cologne or perfume because nobody wants to feel like they are in the perfume section of a department store. If you are a woman, go easy on the makeup because contrary to what many women believe, men do not like a lot of makeup. The most important thing to remember how you carry yourself. Walk with confidence, and be confident looking people in the eye and never looking down. If someone of the opposite sex is looking in your direction, never look away, catch their eye and return with a smile. It won’t take long to uncover whether they are interested in you or not. Be polished, confident and believe you are a good catch, and you will get noticed.

Can you date a coworker?
Many people frown on dating a coworker and there are good reasons, if it doesn’t work out, that can create an awkward environment not just for you two, but for those that are around you. Unfortunately, if you are a busy or active person, work may be one of the only places to meet eligible people. If your work prohibits interoffice relationships then you should definitely avoid dating coworkers but if they are open to that, then it is okay to date a coworker, as long as you know the risks. As yourself the questions, if it doesn’t work out, will it be too hard to continue working together? If it doesn’t work out and he or she begins to see another coworker, will that cause too much tension? These are the types of considerations that must be thought through before dating coworkers. Just be prepared either way for the outcome. It could be a blessing or a bust.

Not all coworkers should be available to date. Men and women in higher positions such as managers, supervisors and bosses, especially your boss, should be taboo and avoided. Dating the boss can lead to a lot of gossip, heartache, and even cost you your job. Many companies do not allow those types of relationships but others are a bit looser, even in those situations, it should be avoided.

If you find that you have to sneak around the office or your life to date a “coworker” then it probably is not the right choice for you and should be avoided. There are many available singles out there for you to date, and you may need to put some energy and time in to looking for these people, but it is better than being in a prickly situation that could ultimately cost you your job and reputation.

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