Getting to Know Someone Online

Meeting someone through an online dating site can be exciting, nerve-racking, and confusing. How do you really get to know a person online? Are the pictures they post genuine or of someone else? Could those pictures be what they looked like 20 years ago? What about serial killers and criminals stalking you for information?

There are so many questions that can arise when you begin dating online, so how do you get to know someone before you meet in person for the first time? After all, most of us have heard stories of lasting love that started online and other stories of murder. Being vigilant is important, for both men and women, but using common sense is the best tool to have.

Do They Have a Social Media Profile?

If you begin exchanging emails and you really like this person, you want to know more about him or her. Ask the person if they have an online social media profile, such as on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. The older you are, the less likely you’ll be connected to any of these sites, but with almost 1 billion user accounts for Facebook alone, it stands to reason that the odds favor at least some kind of social media profile.

If they don’t have one, ask them why. It’s an honest question and should provide you with valuable insight into their character. Some people just can’t be bothered by it, don’t understand it, or spend more time with actual people than online friends, so they have no use for it. Reasonable enough.

Ask about Family

Does this person have brothers or sisters? Is his mother and father still together? If not, was the divorce messy or did they remain friendly? You can tell a great deal about someone by how close they are to their family.

Just because someone isn’t in contact with their family every week doesn’t make them a bad person. However, pay attention to how they talk about their family members. Is there disdain, animosity, frustration? These can be clues to the type of person you may become involved in.

What Do They Like to Do on the Weekend?

If you love going out and partying with your friends every weekend, getting involved in a relationship with someone who would rather stay home and watch a good movie while curled up together on the couch probably isn’t a good match.

What we do in our free time can indicate what kind of people we are and what we’re looking for.

The more you pay attention to the subtle clues, the better you’ll get to know someone online.

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