Holding Back After a Great First Date

You had a great first date and you can’t wait to tell your best friend, your family, your sisters, your boss, and anyone else who is willing to listen. Heck, even during the day you’re thinking about all the people you’re going to tell about this great guy. When it comes to first dates, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that they are just that: first dates.
First dates are an important process in the dating world, but a great first date does not mean that you have found Mr. Right or that the second date is going to go just as well. This isn’t meant to depress you or shutter your positive feelings. It’s simply to remind you to keep the great first date in perspective.
How can you hold back the exuberance and giddiness that you may feel after a great first date? How can you keep that wonderful and amazing first date in perspective?
Write about the Date
Whether you keep a journal, diary, or other personal log of your life or not, you should write down everything you can remember about that first date when you get home from it. Do this before you call anybody. When you write down the details of a great first date, you allow yourself to process the evening, or afternoon if it happened to be that kind of a date, in a rational and thoughtful manner.
In most cases, your notes will be about as glowing and enamored of your first date as the thoughts racing through your mind. This is great. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. Now, once you’ve written down details about your first date, go ahead and call your best and tell her all about it.
Review What You Wrote the Next Day
Once you had a good night sleep, wake up refreshed and feeling great about everything, pick up your notes and read through them. Do they still seem to match up with what’s in your mind and your emotions? If so, then your first day really was as good as you felt it was.
Now, remember to not get carried away on the second date.
The importance of holding back on a great first date is the upcoming (hopefully) second date. When you have a great first date, you’ll already be thinking about what the next date will be and oftentimes your inhibitions will be lowered. Is this a good idea for you if you want to develop a solid long-term relationship with this guy? The answer will be up to you of course. As long as you hold back and keep your emotions in check after that great first date, whatever you decide moving forward will be the right decision.

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