Holidays and Dating

Deciding what to do for the holidays can be very stressful, especially in a new relationship. You really want to spend your time with the new guy you’re really into, but you don’t want to miss an opportunity to spend time with your family. You don’t have to sacrifice. By finding compromises, you both can enjoy each other’s company and still see your families.
If you two have just started dating and are not ready to meet each other’s families, don’t fret. Choose a day before either of you have to travel and spend the day together. You can go out to an upscale restaurant to celebrate your time together or stay at home and cook dinner for each other. If it’s around Christmas, do your gift exchange early and watch your favorite Christmas movies together to make it extra cheery. By dedicating a full day to each other right before you have to leave to visit family, you will be able to still do all the romantic holiday things together without any sacrifice. You shouldn’t mind it’s not on the exact date, rather enjoy the full day you have dedicated to spend with him.
Now let’s say you’ve been together for a time and would like to see his and your family. A simple way to do that is to figure out scheduling. Some families like to have their events on the weekend of the holiday (especially if the holiday it’s during the week) and others like to plan the social gathering on the eve of certain holidays, like Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day. If you are not lucky in that department and have both social gatherings on the same day, split the day up. Spend one half with one family and the rest of the day with other. Your families will understand if you can’t spend the whole entire day there.
The last suggestion when it comes to dating and the holidays is to have both families get together to celebrate the holidays. This is ideal for people who have small families. It’s a great way to introduce your families to each other and to spend time with them.
Don’t let the holidays stress you out. Remember it’s all about spending time with those closest to you. Instead of panicking, keep calm and figure out the best way to spend time with all your loved ones, including the new man in your life.

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