Hot Stuff!

I felt like Craig and I had been dating for long enough and that I wanted to take things to the next level. The only way it was going to happen though was to invite him over to mine instead of going out. I didn’t want to make it too obvious so I suggested it might be fun if we do some cooking together.

The cooking part was certainly a lot of fun; drinking wine and chopping up vegetables, herbs and chilli, I was really working up an appetite! But once it was all in the pot, there was time to kill… time to get frisky! We started to kiss. We had kissed before, but now that we were in the privacy of my house it was much more exciting, because it could go anywhere we wanted it to go!

Craig whispered in my ear that he was crazy about me and couldn’t control himself any longer. While he was nibbling on my ear I felt his hand move between my legs underneath my skirt – Yes, this was it, finally! It started to feel good, very good, kind of tingly… that was when I realised that actually what I was feeling was the burning chilli from his fingers.

Have you ever had burning chilli rubbed onto your sensitive bits? I wasn’t sure if I it was actually adding to the pleasure or not at first, so I went with it for about a minute or two, until I could take no more. I ran to the bathroom – cold compress!

The evening was ruined because it seemed like every time I removed the cold wet towel, the burning would start up again. I had to tell him in the end what was going on because I needed to sit at the dinner table with a wet flannel between my legs. Craig was highly amused, and also extremely apologetic.

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