How Men Should Dress On Their First Date?

“The first impression is the last impression”, is actually true for a successful first date. Your online dating profile photograph can get you a gorgeous date but if you are not appealing in person then say goodbye to her for good.

Here are some tips on how you can looking stunning on your first date and blow her mind.

Clothes matter the most. You must pick and choose your outfit according to the dating spot. For example if you are going on a dinner date with her at a posh restaurant, jeans is a big no-no. You will look shabby and too casual. For such a place, you need to dress formal so pick a dress suit.

Color of Your Attire
Sober colors like blacks, white, blue, maroon and purple look nice & subtle on the first date. Keep away from loud or vibrant colors like orange and bright yellow unless you’re planning a date at the horse ranch.

Your date’s eyes will go to your shoes first when she is eyeing you up. Therefore you have to be very particular about your footwear. Try to wear shoes that compliment your attire and are also comfortable. Make sure that your shoes are shiny and polished.

Try to wear a watch that reflects your personality and looks chic. A sports watch is good if you have a scuba diving date, but if you are going at a fancy restaurant with your date then pick up a big dial accented link watch with a push button strap. It looks classy and elegant on the wrist.

Hair Style
Make sure your hair style suit you. If you have long hair, make sure you tie it properly. Messy hair looks bad and gives a very untidy appearance. However, if you have short hair, you can apply gel and brush it up for a suave look.

Keep ‘BO’ away!
Bad odor or BO is a mood killer! Wear a cologne that smells good which lasts long. Bad odor can make her leave before you have had a chance to introduce yourself.

No matter how well you are dressed, if you have filthy nails then your efforts will all go down the drain. Make sure they are trimmed and clean before heading out.

Accessories include cap, sunglasses and jewellery. If it’s a lunch date then, carry your sunglasses with you. However, if you have a date at a basket ball game then a wear a nice cap to give yourself a sporty appearance.

Remember, women are drawn to men who dress with style. However, besides dressing up well, you also have to treat her like a lady and turn on the charm to get a second date with her.