How to Calm Nerves on a First Date

Going on a first date is often a trying time. You want to not only look your best, but you want to impress. You spend hours getting ready, hemming and hawing about the right outfit, struggling to get your hair to be perfect, worried that your makeup isn’t quite right, and then when you’re running late, your nerves are raw.
So how can you calm your nerves on a first date so that you’re not only relaxed, but you provide a great first impression? Well, let’s first assume that this isn’t a blind date and that you know at least a little about each other when you made these plans. Second, let’s talk about the most common first date: the dinner date.
When you are planning on choosing the ideal first date location, you might want to be creative and unique, but dinner is still the most common choice for both men and women for their first dates. Choosing the right restaurant and venue can do wonders to settle any nerves.
Choose a Location that is Laid Back
While the nice, fancy French restaurant is a romantic choice, having your first date in one of these locations causes most women to be more nervous than they need to be. Are you dressed appropriately? Which fork should you use with the salad? Can you read the menu if it’s not in English?
Instead, stick with a location that is casual, laid back, and can give you the opportunity to lean back and just be yourself.
Avoid Places that are Loud
If you choose a laid back atmosphere, that doesn’t mean it has to be loud and obnoxious, like a sports bar and grill. If your date suggests this type of venue, it may give you an idea of what his preference is, but for a first date, not only will it tend to be loud and simplistic, it’s not the best location to get to know someone. Of course, playing pool or darts can be a great way to break the ice, and there are a number of locations to go after your dinner.
What to Avoid for Calming Nerves on a First Date
One thing that you should absolutely avoid doing on a first date to calm your nerves is drink too much. Limit yourself to one glass of wine or a beer for the evening. If you drink too much, your tongue could get a little too loose and you may let your normal behavior fall by the wayside.
The most effective way to calm your nerves, though, on a first date is to remember that he’s likely just as nervous as you, and take a few nice, long, deep breaths before he picks you up, or before getting out of your car. You’ll feel a lot better in the long run.

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