How to Handle a Disagreement

Every couple has their disagreements. It’s part of the growing process of getting to know one another. When you get into an argument or disagreement with your partner, it’s not the end all be all. In fact I’m sure once you find a solution you will realize the argument was silly or not as extreme as you thought it was initially. It is important, regardless of how silly the argument was, that you handle it properly. Miscommunication and how you react can either escalate or diffuse the situation quickly.
Let’s say you both are pretty angry at each other after the disagreement began. Instead of trying to hash out the situation and trying to find a solution immediately, give each other some space. Cooler heads allow for better communication and rational thinking. You can always go out for a walk or just go to a separate room until things have calmed down. After some time you can both sit down and try to talk it out. If he’s not ready to talk, don’t force him to. Give him some extra time he will eventually come around and want to talk it out.
Another thing you should never do is accuse or place blame. Finger pointing will often lead to larger fights. Also don’t bring up previous behaviors or actions that have nothing to do with the current argument. Only address the issue at hand. Piling on extra things that have made you unhappy can surprise your partner and even confuse him. It’s always best to bring up something that bothers you at the time it happens rather than keep it in and bring it up later. When speaking to your partner about the disagreement, tell him how you feel and why you feel that way. This will let him see things from your perspective and help him understand why you were so upset in the first place. You will also need to listen to his side and realize that you may have been wrong and apologize.
Having a disagreement is never fun. However, how you deal it can effect how the situation will turn out. Keep calm and know communication with your partner is better than keeping it all in. It’s never healthy in a relationship to hold a grudge so go and keep your mind and heart open when you try to resolve a disagreement.

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