How to Keep Things Spicy in the Bedroom

You and your partner used to never keep your hands off each other. Now you’ve notice that the steaminess in your relationship is dying down a bit. Don’t panic. All relationships go through highs and lows, especially when it comes to intimacy and the bedroom. While you don’t need to have the wild passionate lovemaking as often as you did at the beginning of the relationship, it’s still important to keep things spicy in the bedroom.
One way to grab your partner’s attention is to dedicate a night solely to pleasuring him. A huge turn-on for men is knowing their partner wants to do nothing else but pleasure him at that moment. It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun either. The most important part of this whole night is to be completely uninhibited and in the moment. Take turns doing this on occasion and that passion will quickly return.
Another way to spice things up is to fulfill each other’s fantasies. That can be in numerous ways. You both can role-play or try out sex toys for the first time. If you want to start slow, you can always write your secret fantasy to him and leave it for him to find. Or you can even pick out an excerpt of a racy book and show it to him, whispering to him you want to try it.
The best way to keep the passion in your sex life is to break the monotony of routine. When you know what to expect, things aren’t as exciting. By giving him little surprises like a new lingerie outfit or a small striptease before you do the deed, will get him in the mood. You have busy lives but doing a little extra something doesn’t take a lot of effort.
Sex may not be mind-blowing every time but it doesn’t mean every time shouldn’t be enjoyable. Try new things and experiences to keep the spice in your life. Also make sure to keep your partner aware of how sexy you think he is. Knowing you want him and find him extremely attractive will keep his attention. Chances are, he finds you extremely sexy all the time as well.

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