How to Sweep Your Date off Her Feet

If you are planning to go on a first date with the woman you have met through an online dating website, you must be feeling the chills already. It’s exciting as well as nerve wracking. And like many, you must be browsing through different websites to find out how to impress your date when she meets you in person.

Winning over a woman’s heart is not easy, but it’s definitely possible. However, if you think you will be able to impress her just by getting her flowers and chocolates, then it’s time to leave the 70’s. Although it’s nice and thoughtful, let’s be real, it’s cliché and so predictable.

If you really want to sweep her off her feet and score a second date, then here are some tips that you must follow:

Be Unique
Unique does not mean that you have to be peculiar, because if you act weird, it will make her feel uncomfortable and she will barge out through the exit door in no time. Try to be unique in a pleasant way to make your date memorable and special so that when she shares it with her friends, it makes them envy her.

Be Punctual
Don’t keep her waiting! If you have planned your date at 8pm sharp, then be there ten minutes before time. Waiting for the guy on the first date is a mood killer and shows your level of interest. Try to be punctual and on time.

Be a Gentleman
To win her heart, you need to make her feel special. The best way to do this is treat her like a lady. Open the door for her, pull out the chair and pay the bill. This shows that you are a real gentleman and women love it.

Sense of Humor
A good sense of humor will make her relax and comfortable. Not many men can crack good jokes, so if you have that art then show it off. However, remember not to do so too much because she is not there for a standup comedy show.

Be Well-dress and Smell Good
Body odor and shabby clothes are not impressive. To sweep her off her feet, you need to show her that you are a good package. So, dress up nicely, pick out a dress suit, especially if it’s a dinner date at a fancy restaurant. Also, wear nice cologne that lasts long.

Be All Ears
Women like to date men who listen to what they have to say with interest. So, try to listen to her and maintain eye contact. If she has been on many dates, she will be carried away by your gesture because she knows that men are not always all ears unless they are interested.