Is He Trying to Change You?

Helping your partner be the best is a wonderful thing, but be wary if your partner is trying to change the person you are. Instead of uplifting you or guiding you in the right direction, you notice he’s trying to mold you into a completely different person. A partner should accept their significant other in all their imperfection. They should never try to make you into a completely new person.
If you wear something that isn’t flattering, your partner should be the first person to tell you this. However, if he is trying to completely change how you look and dress, this is a warning sign he’s trying to make you into something you’re not.
This general idea should ring true in all aspects of your relationship. Just because you don’t like everything he likes does not mean you should change it. People like different things and should not be molded to fit into a box. Ultimately it’s never healthy to stay in a relationship where a partner is trying to “fix” or change the other person. You can begin to develop doubt and even low self-esteem because you will never feel good enough for him. Change is a great thing, especially if it’s a change in yourself to be a better person. But changing the core of who you are when you’ve done nothing wrong can be detrimental to you, even if you think it’s better for the relationship.
Everyone comes with baggage and imperfection but you should still be the ideal partner in his eyes. If he’s making you become something you’re not, it’s time to get out of the relationship. Be with someone who doesn’t care if you love to sing at the top of your lungs or coo over every puppy that walks by. Everything that you like, do, and have makes you, you and you should be with someone who accepts all of it.

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