Is He Trying to Make You Jealous?

In order to stroke their own egos and validate how much you care, sometimes men make the woman in their life jealous. They may never commit any form of adultery or be unfaithful but they bask in the attention of other female admirers. Sometimes they also enjoy the envy you display when said attention is happening. So how do you know if he’s trying to make you jealous? Also how do you handle the situation?
Besides blatantly flirting with other women or checking them out, your man might casually name drop a new woman’s name into a conversation. He might also share stories with you of how women can’t keep their hands off of him, or boast to you how much women want him. He may be exaggerating his stories to get a rise out of you so don’t fall into the trap. This is bad behavior and regardless of how much he wants validation you are into him, don’t give him the reaction he wants.
When you throw a fit, have an angry outburst, or even try to get him jealous in return, it encourages him to keep this behavior going. By making him jealous in return, you can trigger his insecurities even more and have a messier issue. It’s unnecessary to go for such a tactic especially if you don’t like the way it feels. Instead of reacting negatively to what he’s saying, be the mature, calm one. If he mentions the beautiful woman that walks by, don’t judge her, compliment her as well. This will show you are secure enough to recognize another woman and also shows you aren’t threatened by her. He may be a little irritated because you aren’t giving him the reaction he wants. Then when he brings up the conversation about the other women chasing him, you can stroke him ego slightly by affirming the positive traits about him. Show him you aren’t threatened by the silly behavior and you are secure with who you are and your relationship.
It’s definitely not the best way to get validation from a woman but men will try to get their partner jealous from time to time. Recognize this is a call for validation and a sign he’s feeling less than great about himself. Find other ways to compliment him instead of turning green with envy.

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