Is His Ex Still in The Picture?

Does your new boyfriend still talk to his ex-girlfriend? Should you be worried? It depends. If you notice certain behavior from your partner, you might have to sit and have a serious talk with him and his “friendship” with this ex.
Having your new guy constantly talking to you about his ex can not only be irritating, it should be a huge red flag. If the new guy you are with just broke up with his last girlfriend, there is a high possibility he’s not over her. You should not have to fight to keep his attention, especially in the early stages of the relationship. Another thing he might do, if he’s not over her is the comparing game. Instead of forming an opinion of you based solely on your personality and traits he will constantly compare you to his ex to see if you live up to her. It’s definitely not fair to you.
Another warning sign that he still has lingering feelings for her is how he acts. Is he sneaky when it comes to their conversations? Does he go into the other room only when she calls? Or do they get together without you? Don’t stand for this type of behavior. He might care about you, but he’s too caught up in giving her all his attention. Put your foot down when it comes to him and his ex. If he understands he will stop what he’s doing. When you talk to him, he may be in denial first. Try to get him to see your viewpoint and how you feel. Ask him to reverse roles and reflect how he would feel if you were to do that to him. Now if he still continues to include his ex in his life at the expense of your relationship, it’s time to move on.
Now if your guy is still friendly with his ex, don’t get all shades of green. They may have history but you are his only girl. If he invites you to meet her, it’s a sign he has nothing to hide. While you may feel threatened by her at first, don’t be so possessive. You never know you two might get along really well and be friends.
So don’t jump to conclusions when it comes to your new guy and his ex. Take a minute and observe his actions. You can usually tell if they are still feelings for someone else. If he does still care about her and isn’t giving you what you need, give him the choice of having a relationship with you or not. Don’t be the runner up when you should be first place.

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