Is it Toxic?

Toxic relationships are a tricky thing to deal with, especially if you don’t know you’re in one. While you may think your partner is a great person, he may not be the best for you. If you are unsure of whether or not you are in a toxic relationship, you will need to look for certain warning signs to confirm it.
When you and your partner get into a disagreement, does he ever insult you or use name-calling as a tactic to hurt you? Throwing insults at you or at each other should never occur during an argument. Regardless of how angry he is at you, he should never belittle or degrade you. This can and most likely will bring down your confidence and make you insecure about your worth and self.
The times you two are not fighting, does he still find reasons to critique or mock you? Do you feel you can never fully relax or be yourself when you are with him? This is a huge red flag. When you are with your partner, you should never be afraid to speak your thoughts. Being in a relationship and with someone means he is your support system and a person you should be able to tell anything to. Don’t change yourself for someone. When I mean change, I mean adjusting your personality, passions, and being as a whole.
If he makes you feel bad your guilty when you need to go somewhere or do something, be wary of that as well. In life you have other obligations and he should understand that. Making you feel guilty or culpable and giving in to his whim all the time is a huge warning sign. He should never use his acts of thoughtfulness against you. Nothing you do out of your heart and love for your partner should come with a price.
No one should ever make you feel worthless or a bad person. If your partner constantly does these things, it is highly probable you are in a toxic relationship. Remember, it’s never too late to leave. You are better off surrounded by friends and family than a jerk like him.

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