Is Technology Ruining Your Relationship

Social media has allowed us to connected stay connected with our family, friends, even acquaintances, but what happens when social media is coming between you and your relationship? Some people may find it important to constantly be in the know of what’s going on in their friends’ lives but this can have dire consequences. If you don’t find a healthy balance, you risk sabotaging your relationship with the main man in your life.
Are you constantly checking all your social platforms? It’s rare that the phone isn’t in your hand. In fact during your bonding time with your significant other, you are always scrolling through the internet. While you are constantly connected with everyone else, you aren’t connecting to the person in the room with you and that’s the problem. Your beau may not say anything at first, but he will start to notice you pay more attention to your phone than to him. When it comes time to eating dinner or just talking to him about his day, put the phone, tablet, or laptop away. Give him your full attention and care about what he has to say.
If you are an over-sharer, you can be doing some harm to your relationship as well. Not everyone needs to know you two had an argument over the expired milk. Social media tends to allow us to give in to our compulsions but it’s best to avoid posting that angry status you will regret later. Even posting your little loves notes to him publicly is something that can make your partner uncomfortable, especially if it really isn’t his thing. You don’t need to express to everyone how great your relationship is all the time. Keep some things between the both of you, your relationship is with him not him AND everyone else.
Spending your time on your social sites is a great way to connect and kill time, but make sure you have a healthy balance. Make sure to connect, emotionally and physically with your partner and to keep all those intimate details between the two of you. Focus on staying connected with your main guy and worry less about posting that new status message.

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