Is There Chemistry?

Having chemistry with your partner is essential to help the relationship last. When you have that certain spark with someone, you are already starting to build the foundation blocks of your relationship. A successful relationship can’t happen if you don’t have any sort of chemistry with the potential person. Having a certain connection (hopefully both physical and mental) can help a beautiful relationship to flourish.
The first sign of chemistry is physical attraction. If you both can’t keep your hands off of each other then it’s a true sign you have a physical spark between the two of you. Let’s say the guy really enjoys holding your hand or is constantly making a move to have some physical contact with you, it’s a sign he’s very smitten. If you enjoy the touch and react warmly to his touch it’s a true sign of chemistry.
However, having physical chemistry isn’t the only type of attraction you should or need to have. When it comes to building a successful relationship, you need to have intellectual and emotional chemistry as well. When you are able to communicate with each other through intellectual or thought-provoking conversations, this is a sure sign the two of you will be able to connect on a potential deeper level. Being able to have this emotional connection allows you to expand the relationship to beyond the physical aspect of it.
Remember that chemistry is not the same as compatibility. You may feel a deep connection with the person and that is great, but you will also need to be compatible as well for any long term relationship to succeed. You need both to make for a successful relationship. Having all the chemistry in the world won’t do any good if you two aren’t compatible in terms of lifestyles. Without compatibility, you two may be heading down a disasterous road with lots of passion and fighting. This is true for couple’s who are compatible but don’t have any sort of chemistry together. You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t excite you. In the end you need both to be happy

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