Is Your Boyfriend Immature?

Dating a man with a sense of humor is different from dating an immature man. You may be ready for new milestones in your life but your boyfriend isn’t. This could be a sign you two are at two different places in your life. It doesn’t mean he isn’t a great guy, it just means he might be too immature for you.
If his priorities are not in check, this is a huge sign your partner is immature. For example, instead of saving his paycheck, he needs to purchase a new gadget every week. Besides having priorities and goals for the future, he should also have you as a priority as well. If he doesn’t take the time to see you or make an effort to work on the relationship like you, he’s just not at the same level as you in terms of life goals and maturity.
When you two fight, does he not know how to communicate or deal with you being upset? Is he dismissive of your feelings or won’t listen to your side once he’s done venting his? The fact he is unable to communicate during disagreements displays he’s not ready for an adult, committed relationship. Boys throw tantrums or fits without wanting to understand the other side. A mature man will be able to communicate his side and listen to yours. He will also know when to admit he’s wrong even if it is a stab at his pride.
Your boyfriend is a great guy to hang out with but you can’t depend on him for anything. When you are having a bad day he’s nowhere to be found. Or worse, you need his help with something extremely important and he bails on you. The truth is, he doesn’t like to do things if they’re too difficult because he’s not ready to be an adult. You need a man who won’t retreat or hide when things get difficult.
A man who never wants to grow up is never ideal for a long term relationship. While having fun and enjoying life is great, everyone has responsibilities they need to fulfill. If the guy you are seeing can’t or won’t do what needs to be done, or doesn’t put you as a priority, it’s time to move on. You will only be able to tolerate dealing with an immature guy for so long.

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