Is Your Man Holding You Back?

The person you’re with should uplift, support, and guide you in life. If you don’t feel your partner is doing all of these things, he may be holding you back. Life is fleeting and you never want to have the question “what if” haunt you when you’re older.
Having other interests and passions in life other than your partner is extremely important in keeping the relationship fresh and young. You need to be your own person with goals that can be different from your man. As long as your interests and passions don’t interfere or have the potential to be harmful to your other half, he should be completely supportive. If you have a new interest, your partner seems supportive about it, but when you approach him about pursuing this new passion his actions prove otherwise. For example, you tell you him want to go back to school for your Masters and while he seems supportive, he’ll do things like have a social event the night before a big exam or paper is due. If his actions don’t back up what he says, he’s not really supportive or interested in helping you to succeed, regardless of what it is.
If your beau constantly needs to be the center of attention, he might be insecure and highly competitive. As a couple, you should let your partner shine as well and not hog the spotlight entirely. It’s not a one man show. A key thing to remember is what a supportive partner should be like. He should always want to include you, especially if he’s being the life of the party, not redirect your moment back to him. Any sign of passive aggressive behavior toward anything positive in your life is a red flag he’s trying to hold you back.
A partner should be fully supportive and happy for you when anything good comes your way. He should never want to tear you down or take the moment away from you. Most of all, he shouldn’t make you feel guilty about wanting to pursue your dreams. While it’s hard not to give in to the person you care about, make sure you do it for the right reasons, not because he’s angry you are having your moment to shine. Don’t let him hold you back from experiencing an amazing life.

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