It’s Bad Manners to Talk About Your Exes

Oh, I grant you, I am sure you are curious! Aren’t we all? Don’t we all want to know what kind of girls our boyfriends are interested in, or vice versa? After all, a little voice whispers inside our head, if we know what interested our girlfriend (or boyfriend) in their ex, and what made them break up, we can know how to attract our girlfriend (or boyfriend) and what not to do. It is perfectly okay to interested in our current girlfriend’s (or boyfriend’s) exes. There is absolutely nothing wrong or repulsive about that! However, there are a few “rules”, or “tips”, that you should be aware of:
There’s hot water ahead
Yes, asking about your current girlfriend’s (or boyfriend’s) exes can land you in quite a bit of hot water! Maybe your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t want to talk about them. Maybe they had a terrible break up and thinking about their ex will make your girlfriend or boyfriend think negatively about the entire opposite sex – you included. Do you want to get a bad rap for simply bringing up a bad association to the person that you are dating?
There is also the possibility that your girlfriend or boyfriend will become upset with you for asking. This could be because you touched a sore spot with her/him, or they just feel like you are prying. Granted, a girlfriend or boyfriend of yours should consider any question of yours praying. However, it is a natural human response to become defensive when someone asks you questions that open up a sore spot inside of us.
However, if your girlfriend or boyfriend opens up to you and decides to mention an old flame, or wants to discuss an ex, then let them. It might make you a little bit jealous, but you will learn some information. This leads me to my next tip:
You DON’T want to cause jealousy
That’s right. A jealous girlfriend (or boyfriend) – one that you actually like, and are really interested in! – can cause you hell. So, don’t go talking about a person that you used to date. It just isn’t right or fair to the person that you are dating now. I will tell you what your date will be thinking: if he (she) is so hung up on her (him) still, then he can have her! Yes, that is right. You will not only have lost the person that you WERE date, you will lose the person that you are dating right now!

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