Jekyll and Hyde Girl

I guess it should have clicked – why would such a hot girl need to be on an online dating website? Having been online for a while already, and having met up with a few women for dates, I knew that mostly pictures and messages are deceiving, but I have grown an open mind. At the end of the day I am online because I want to meet someone who I get along with and might possibly fall for. She doesn’t have to be a knock out.

Sophie was a knock out though, and when she started to message me back, I couldn’t not ask her out… even if only to see if her pictures were accurate. They were, and it seemed I had hit the jackpot, because she was also a lot of fun to be around, and very intelligent too.

We started to see each other, and things were ace. She liked me a lot too. In fact she really, really liked me. It was such an ego boost, because I’m not like a really hot bloke or nothing like that. I think I’m ordinary. I’m a nice guy. Sophie was beginning to treat me like she was afraid I was going somewhere though! It was so weird, like someone flipped a switch and she changed.

I’d get about twenty missed calls and messages while I was at work, and when I read through
them all I could just see how she had worked herself up into an insecure frenzy. She’d get really
emotional too, and half the time I was just freaked because I didn’t want to hurt her, but that’s all
I seemed to be doing! I felt like such a chump.

We’d only been seeing each other for about a month though, and my mate said – dude your girl is nuts. So I sat down and talked to her about it, and she admitted that she’s got some diagnosed personality disorder. Then it all made sense.

I really wanted to be with her and help her, but it was too much. Especially when she started to threaten to kill herself and things like that. All I want is a nice normal girl. There is a reason if a hot girl is looking for love on a dating site – trust me!

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