Laugh Together

You are two people who have discovered the power of laughter in a relationship. Laughter is good. We have all heard time and again about its health benefits, and I am sure we all know from personal experience that it has a wonderful effect on our moods. Did you know that it will help your relationship to form – give it an energy boost so to speak?
A qualifier. . .
Let me qualify this first: women are not usually romantically attracted to clowns. They do not want someone who is goofy and who is always trying to make people laugh. However, women do like to laugh – with their girlfriends, their boyfriends, their husbands, and by themselves. And women, men are not attracted to clowns, either. They are not attracted to clowns, and will not appreciate you being goofy. With that said, I want to remind you to laugh together.
Laugh together
If one of you makes a mistake, if the perfect sentence doesn’t come out of your mouth, just laugh it off together. Laughter is a great tension disperser. Just make sure you are laughing with your date, not at your date. Has it been a stressful day for either you or your date? Then open a bottle of wine, order in, and watch a comedy movie together (make sure it is one you both want to watch). Laughter will safe guard your relationship by making the stress diminish.
Don’t take life so seriously! Laugh over the day’s problems together. Joke about the people you see around you – just don’t make too much fun of them, please, since no one finds that attractive. You are going on a date to have fun, remember that! Your date wants to have fun, too.

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