Manners are a must

There is nothing sweeter than a good old-fashioned gentleman and we have not progressed so far that we can’t appreciate manners and politeness. Whether you are on the receiving end of it or the giver, manners are a must. C’mon guys, open the car door, pull out her chair, and make sure she enters a room before you. Sure these seem like little gestures but they are important show her that you are considerate. Likewise, women need to make sure they are mindful of their responses. Don’t be so feministic that you cannot appreciate the door being held open for you or your chair being pulled out. There is no perception on his part other than he is minding his manners and being a gentleman.

In addition, don’t be rude or short with your date, even if you don’t feel a connection. Being kind and considerate are attractive characteristics and qualities everyone can appreciate.

Don’t jump ahead
So you’ve been on a few dates and are really enjoying each other’s company, don’t ruin the momentum by jumping ahead with your relational plans. Talking about the future, marriage, kids and a life together will eventually have a place on one of your dates but not when you are still trying to get to know each other and are just having fun. When these discussions happen prematurely, it can complicate things by frightening your partner. Sure it is natural to want to discuss the future or if your partner sees a future with you but if you open that can up too soon, you may be scaring them off. Eventually, you will have to have these conversations to discover if you are on the same page but until then, don’t jump ahead with a plan, just enjoy your time together and have fun.

Don’t let them know you have done your homework
If you have a date set up with someone and have spent the days leading up to your date researching and trying to uncover as much information as you can, but then keep that tidbit to yourself. Although some may find it flattering, others may think it is borderline stalking and be turned off. Let’s face it, in a world of social media and information access made easy, many people do a little research before a date but it is not something you want to advertise. If the dating leads you to a relationship, then disclosing your previous sleuth activities is perfectly acceptable.

The first kiss
The kiss at the end of a first date is always a prickly subject. Many people feel obligated to kiss their date because it is often expected, and others feel if they don’t get that kiss good night, then the date was not a success. There is a lot of pressure that surrounds the kiss goodnight. Most people can definitely read into the date well enough to recognize if there will be a kiss at the end of the evening, but there are many shades of gray in this area. Perhaps there was just politeness around the conversations and there really isn’t an attraction or perhaps one of you just doesn’t kiss on the first date. There are so many nuances so suggesting waiting on the other may not be the best advice. My theory is, a kiss can say many things and if you want a kiss good night and go for it, you will know by their response if they are into you. If you are willing to put it out there, you will at lease know whether there will be more dates in your future by the kiss.

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