Meeting The Parents…

I was looking forward to picking Jessica up for our date. She was a bit younger than me and she still lived at home with her parents, so I was feeling apprehensive in case I had to meet them and they mentioned the fact that I was older. There was about a ten year gap, but Jessica was a University student and very mature for her age.

I was picking Jessica up in my car and taking her to see a show in town. I had everything planned and felt relaxed on the drive up to her house. As I approached I began to feel a bit nervous. I don’t like drama or awkward situations, and I didn’t want anything to ruin the evening for Jess, things had been going well between us for a few weeks now.

I considered calling Jessica from my car to let her know I was waiting outside, but then I thought her parents might think I was rude. So I went and knocked on the front door.

Nothing could have prepared me for this, but when the front door opened, Jessica’s mother opened it, and I immediately recognised her as the married woman I had had a fling with about a year previously! She quickly closed the door behind her and whispered urgently at me, asking how I had found her, and what I was doing there. She said her husband was inside and that they were getting over their issues, and that I needed to go…

There was literally nothing I could say, like I said, nothing could have prepared me. Then the worst part, Jessica came out, looking gorgeous and gave me a kiss on the cheek, accusing her mother of grilling her date! I had no choice but to be swept off to my car with Jessica on my arm and leave her mother standing at the doorway gaping.

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