Never invade their space

Never invade their space
When you are dating, you trying to get to know each other and to see if it is a good match for a relationship, but no matter how much time you are spending together, you need to keep your own identities. One of the most common frustrations among newer couples is one of them seems to want to monopolize every moment of the other’s time. Ultimately, this can be very frustrating for both parties because one will feel smothered, and the other may take their discontent as dissatisfaction with the relationship. While that may not be the case, at the moment, it certainly can lead to that direction if couples are not careful.

Make sure you do not invade each other’s space and monopolize all their time. It is understandable that you want to spend every possible moment with the person, especially if time is limited but they may not be ready to share all their time. Eventually, as the relationship grows, and the couple gets more involved with each other, that may be where the dating relationship takes you, but in the beginning stages, you need to have separate lives while growing closer. Spending time apart and being away from each other helps you to grow closer. Of course, that may sound contradictory and may not feel that way, but it real. Couples that keep that understand the value of personal space tend to be closer.

Be aware of the things you do so you are not moving in on their space and making them feel smothered. If they drop hints, embrace them and learn so you don’t sabotage your relationship. Sometimes one person is moving emotionally faster than the other and if that is you, slow it down, or at least don’t put the pressure to catch up on your partner, this is a dating no-no

Playing it safe on the first date
Going on a first date is nerve racking enough, but then trying to plan it out can be even more stressful. There are o many things to consider when going on a first date, and most the time, people are so nervous about making a good impression and winning over the affections of their date, that they do not always focus on the details of the date, but you have to invest some careful thought and consideration in what you will be doing on your date. After all, you are trying to win a second, third or fourth date. Getting creative, and doing something off the board is daring and ambitious, and, even workable; however you always run the risk of being able to pull it off, so maybe, getting creative may not be the best first date choice. Playing it safe may be the best way to go when going on a first date. If the date is a success, then venturing out and coming up with something more creative is okay.
The old standby date is dinner and a movie, and that seems to work out pretty well and there is not too much pressure. Sure, you do not talk much during the movie but having dinner will help see if there is some chemistry going that can lead to a second date.
If you are short on cash then a safe first date may be a hike and picnic. Of course, this will only work if you know that your date likes outdoors and is okay with hiking. This is a great opportunity to get to know your date better, and because it is outdoors, there are typically plenty of things to talk about during the hike. You can prepare a picnic lunch and spend a great afternoon together on a safe date, with no real expense.
Just remember, first dates, you want to minimize the stress.

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