Money Matters

Are you thinking, “Hold on a second, I know money matters, but I don’t want to have a relationship with someone who is only interested in me for my money!”? If you are, then good for you! I certainly would never want you to try to use wealth as a lure for a partner. I am not here to tell you what kind of salary you need to make in order to bring happiness to yourself and to your potential partner. Despite what you might now be thinking, I am also not here to tell you how to make more money or save more money. Today we are going to talk about what we do with our money and if we are motivated to work hard and make money.
“But men are supposed to bring in the big salary, right?” you might be thinking. “My date shouldn’t be evaluating my earning potential!” I agree with you whole heartedly: he shouldn’t be evaluating your earning potential. It might be a relief to you to know that he will be thinking about all sorts of other kinds of potential instead of your earning potential. One think that IS important – subconsciously – to guys is your ambition. Drive and dreams are quite intriguing to a man, and you will benefit doubly for having them: you will interest your man and you will have a better life if you have dreams and the drive to pursue them.
Okay guys, I am sorry to say, but you are not free from women summing up your earning potential. It doesn’t matter that women wear the pants often now. It also doesn’t matter that whether or not women wear the pants in the relationship they will almost certainly wear pants and go out and work even if you can support both of you very comfortably. It seems to be ingrained in women to subconsciously, and sometimes consciously, evaluate how well a prospective partner can provide for them. Even more importantly, women want to see what you will do with your money. Do you spend it on her? Do you give her gifts and take her to places that SHE wants to go to? Or, do you spend most of your money on tickets to see the Red Socks and beer to drink when you watch the game at home with your guys?
Show your woman that you will take care of her with your money. . .especially if you are going to pursue a serious relationship. One of simplest ways that you can do this is to always pick up the tab when you take her out. From coffee to dinner, be a gentleman.

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