Nobody’s perfect

Don’t expect perfection when dating because nobody is perfect. That doesn’t mean to settle for anything less that what you want, but give room for mistakes and idiosyncrasies that may be a bit bothersome, especially if the overall package is pretty solid. Remember, you too may have some less than attractive habits and you wouldn’t want your date to forgo everything that is good based on a few little hang-ups.

Are they really interested?
Maybe you have just begun dating someone or you have been dating for some time and you have a date that is less than magical, or even not so good. Don’t go jump to wrong conclusions and think the relationship is over because it most likely is not, and, your perception of how the date went may be worse than reality. Many people tend to over analyze situations, responses, looks and conversations when dating instead of taking them for what they are, perhaps a less than perfect moment. Most relationships do not end as a result of one bad date. If you did have a bad date or conversation, see how it goes the next time and be open enough to talk about it before going panic mode. If your date was quiet, standoffish, or even a bit cold, don’t immediately assume that the interest has fizzled and you two are on your way out. There could be a legitimate reason for their behavior and it most likely does not involve you.

Does age really matter?
There was a time when age put a lot of restrictions on dating possibilities. It was pretty taboo for a woman to date younger men, and it was also frowned upon for a man to date a much younger woman. Nowadays, those barriers are being slowly raised and more people are venturing out into unchartered territory, and, it is okay! There is no explanation why we are attracted to particular people but if there is an attraction there, and an evident chemistry, then why fight it because of age? As long as the couple understands that there may be some hurdles to jump as a result of age difference, but as long as you are aware that the age difference may present some struggles and are willing to work through them, it can be okay. Don’t focus on your age or your partner’s age, especially if you are developing a good relationship. Have fun and enjoy each other.

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