Nuts Over You

I went on a great date with Jonathan, a guy from work. We hadn’t known each other for very long because I was quite new to the job. When he asked me out for a drink, I wasn’t sure if it was just him being friendly, or whether he fancied me. I fancied him though, he was really cute. He had these piercing blue eyes and white teeth – yum!

The thing is, when I’m attracted to someone I cover up my vulnerability by becoming a clown - in a good way though! I have a wicked sense of humour, and never fail to have everyone in hysterics. It’s a godsend when I’m nervous because I can just throw all of that nervous energy into my jokes and anecdotes.

Jonathan and I are sitting at the bar having a giggle. We each down a shot of tequila, which helps. I’m feeling more relaxed now and it’s all going really well. Great new job… could this be a great new relationship on the horizon too?

So we’re drinking and cracking pistachios… I tell a really crude joke, I couldn’t help it, it was just asking to be told. We were at the stage where it was appropriate, but I don’t think Jonathon was expecting it because he burst into laughter and in doing so spat out his chewed up pistachio nuts, which sprayed into my eye! Tears sprung immediately, and even though Jonathan was apologising he was in a fit of giggles, which wasn’t helped when I started rubbing my eyes and smearing my non-waterproof mascara all over my face.

I didn’t know what I looked like, if I did then i might have understand why he was cracking up so much. When I went into the ladies to sort myself out, I had a private giggle myself. We didn’t end up dating, but became firm friends.

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