Oh’ and 10: What Mistakes You May be Making on First Dates

In the sporting world, and 0 (‘Oh’) and whatever record means that you’re not doing well. Do you feel like that when it comes to your dating life? If you can’t seem to find the right guy, but only discover that they’re not right on the first date, then you might be missing clues earlier or something’s amiss with your selection abilities.
This doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong, but let’s face it: when guy after guy after guy just isn’t making the cut, then it’s something on your end. This doesn’t mean you’re too picky or being unreasonable, but you’re agreeing to these first dates for a reason … you think there’s potential there. Then you learn that there isn’t and maybe there wasn’t all along.
So let’s investigate what mistakes you’re making on or before the first date.
Choosing a Guy Based on His Looks
Sure, guys do this all the time, rating women on how they look rather than what’s on the inside. So do women. However, if you’re looking for the hung with the smoldering eyes, sharp jawline and awesome pecs, you’re bound to find a strong sense of confidence in that man as well.
Confidence can lead to arrogance, or being shallow. Is that what you really want? Or do you want someone who is sensitive and kind and ready to hold the door for you? Deciding to go out on a date with a guy because of his appearance alone will leave the door wide open to possibilities.
Not Asking the Right Questions
Do you want a guy who can carry a solid conversation with you? Do you want someone intellectual? Just because this potential date works as a plumber doesn’t mean he’s not smart. However, does he have an interest in world politics, philosophy, or art? If that’s what you’re looking for and your date would rather shoot pool at the local bar on a Friday night, odds are that date isn’t going to go well for you.
Ask the right questions to learn more about this guy before agreeing to a first date. Online dating allows you the opportunity to get to know someone before that first date, if you allow it.
If your potential date answers in one word sentences, or seem elusive, then why bother? Is there really a mysterious playboy hidden there or just a guy who’s trying to avoid the tough questions?
When you begin to alter your filtering process, you’ll find more successful first dates are possible.

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