Online Dating Profile Photograph Uploading Tips

Are you looking for an online dating partner? Confused about which photographs to upload to impress and score a stunning date? If yes, then worry no more! This is a dilemma with both men & women searching their perfect match through online dating websites.

Like it’s said, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, similarly, the photograph you upload in your online dating profile says a lot about you. And the fact is that people want to see the picture first before they get on to reading your dating profile. This means that you need to select and put up your online dating profile photograph carefully so that you don’t blow your chances with gorgeous dating partners.

Here are some online dating profile photograph uploading tips that can help you find your ideal date:

Say Cheese
Bewildered photographs from your school yearbook will not work here. Try to upload pleasant photographs. Smile at the camera and say cheese.

Look Fun & Exciting
A majority of the people searching for online dates usually select partners who are fun and exciting and can make them laugh. Now this does not mean you have to look like a goofball in your pictures,try to put up pictures that show the fun side of you. You can upload pictures from your vacations where you went hiking, horse riding or scuba diving.

Avoid Wearing Sunglasses & Caps in Photographs
Though sunglasses and caps can make you look stunning and like a celebrity, when potential dating partners look at your photograph, they can get frustrated. This is because eyes are considered to be the window to your soul.Also, more than often people wear caps to hide their bald spot hiding their true selves. So, if people can’t see the real you, they will avoid going out with you.

Don’t Show Too Much Skin
Avoid showing too much skin in your profile photographs. This gives out wrong signals. It just shows that you are very desperate.

Avoid Posting Photographs with Your Kids
This can be a turn off for both men and women. Even if you are a single parent, you don’t have to show your kids in your profile picture. You can save it for later. However, you can write about it in your profile. After all, the first step to a successful relationship is honesty.

Don’t Put Up Pictures with Your Ex
This is where many people go wrong. Putting up pictures with your ex on your online dating profile just shows that you have not moved on from your last break up and you are still hung up on him/her. This will make you lose on really nice dates who would have asked you out if you hadn’t made this mistake.

Don’t Upload Outdated Pictures
This is a deal breaker and a big dating no-no. You cannot simply post your outdated pictures. Try to upload pictures taken within the span of the last six months.