Peculiar Dating Habits Women Should Avoid On Their First Date

Going on a first date can be nerve wracking and confusing for women which is often why some end up acting peculiar during them. Here are some most common weird habits that women should avoid on their first date to ensure that they don’t blow their chances of a second date:

One Word Answers
One word answers like yes and no can turn him off right away. It might make him feel you are not interested. Therefore, try to elaborate your answers but try not to talk too much. That can bore him to tears!

Talking About Your Ex
This is a terrible habit which women should definitely avoid. If you keep on talking about your ex, it shows that you are still not over your break up. Also, talking about your ex shows that you are not ready for a new date. It will just turn him off and he will call it a day. Remember when you are on a date with another man try to talk about interesting things not your ex.

Playing With Your Cell Phone
If you are on a first date, try to keep your phone on silent or turn it off. Checking and playing with your phone, simply shows you are not interested in your date and you are getting bored. Also, it is impolite to attend phone calls on your first date. Therefore, make sure you give your full attention to your date and be with him not just physically but mentally too.

Wearing Uncomfortable Clothes
No doubt attire is important and should be attractive. However, the most common mistake women make on their first date is that most wear uncomfortable tight clothes just to look sexy. Tight clothes can make you itch at the worst possible moments! This makes the date also uncomfortable and he may never call you back.

When Will You Call
Uncertainty is natural when you are on the first date. You don’t know what is going through in his mind. However, if you incessantly ask him if he will call you back,when will the next date be etc it might make him nervous too. If the guy wants to call you, he will. You don’t have to sound desperate. He can sense it and it just gives him a feeling that you are too clingy.

Talking About Your Future with Him
Unlike women, it’s very hard for a man to talk about the future with the woman he has just met. It’s just awkward. Try to keep it simple as men like it that way. If he likes you, he will ask you on a second date. Let him breathe and you can talk about your future with him later. Let him be the first one to figure out if he wants to be with you forever.