Play Date Disaster

It’s like really hard for single mums to get a date! You have no idea. I’m not a minger either, but it’s the baggage that puts them off. Anyway, lucky me, I met a single dad in the children’s section of the local library. Not the most romantic places with screaming kids and cross librarians staring at you, but better than nothing. His name was Tom and he had a six year old. mine was five at the time. I don’t know what came over me, maybe I was desperate, but I just went straight ahead and asked him out on a play date. And yay – he said yes!

We met up that weekend at the local park with a ball, Frisbee and picnic. It was such a laugh and the weather was great. His kid was a bit of a nuisance though, I think he was jealous of the attention his dad was giving me. So I tried to make an effort with him. I thought I was getting

somewhere when he offered me one of his gobstoppers. I don’t really eat sweets but I thought, well seeing as we’re trying to make friends and all…

Little did I know the little squirt was playing a trick on me. My entire mouth and lips turned bright blue from the gobstopper! Tom didn’t say anything, his kid was just sniggering. It wasn’t until my own kid asked me why my face was a funny colour that I pulled out my compact and saw the horror!

The worst thing was that there was absolutely nothing I could do about it, and even though we all had a good laugh, I still had to see the play date through to the bitter end, and then go home on public transport with blue lips.

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