Relationships 101 – Everything You Need to Know!

Chemistry is what that makes you instantly click in a relationship! Looking for secrets to instantly connect with your lady love? Attention, respect love and care are the magic words!
Check out the following top tips to make your relationship the latest talk of the town! Take a look:

What Are the Things Women Are Looking For In A Long Term Relationship?
So, what are the main things in a woman’s checklist that she looks for in her life partner? First of all, remember that all women are different and there is no secret code book that will teach you how to get going with any girl you set your eyes upon.
Each lady has her own preferences, dreams and comfort zones, so you need to get personal and connect with her on a unique level that shows her that you are genuinely interested in her! However there are some special wooing factors that can surely help you keep any woman happy and contented.
To sum it all up, every woman out there considers the following as must-haves in a committed relationship:
• Commitment
• Respect
• Attention
• Communication
• Honesty
• Trust
• Love and Romance
• Time
• Fun
• Surprises
• Looks

Top Turn Ons for Women
Looking for tips on how to turn her on? It does not always have to be something sexy! Here are some that will surely work!
• Shower her with attention and care.
• Do something special that makes her feel loved.
• Try out her favorite hobby or activity.
• Use an intoxicating fragrance or cologne.
• Dress to impress so that she can’t keep her eyes off you!
Top Turn Offs For Women
• Unclean or messy wardrobe.
• Lack of personal hygiene.
• Using offensive language or swear words.
• Treating others rudely, especially waiters etc.
• Flirting with others in her presence.

Personality Tips – How to Stay in the Limelight and Woo the Ladies!
Looking good is not just about the way you look or the way you talk – it’s your entire personality that creates a magical connection with a lady and takes your relationship quotient to the next level! Wish to know how you can get center stage and attract the maximum feminine looks? Follow these tips and you won’t be disappointed!

Hygiene Tips
All sweaty in the sun while you were waiting for your special lady to arrive? Forgot to change your greasy t-shirt after your usual round of gym? Too bad, you won’t attract a lot of ladies if you head out in this attire – what’s more, you are most likely to even drive the interested ones away!
Male hygiene is more than just taking a shower and shave in the morning. Read on to find some essential health and hygiene tips that are sure to arouse all those females out there! Good luck!
• Deodorant is your best friend – Keep a handy roll with you at all times and prevent armpit odor all day long.

• Showers are Essential – you can never, ever skip on a shower everyday to keep yourself looking and smelling fresh all the time. Pay special attention to your feet and all the hairy areas in the body – these attract the most sweat and the bacteria build-up can result in odor.

• Your Hair Deserves Some Extra Care – Sweaty scalp and greasy hair can be an instant turn-off. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner everyday to keep hair clean, soft and shiny.

• Clip and Trim your Nails – Don’t leave your fingernails looking dirty and uneven. Trim them on a regular basis.

• Keep Your Clothes Clean and fresh – Don’t wear the same t-shirt again and again. Use a clean set every day. The same goes for your socks. Shoes also need some special consideration in this regard. Remove shoes as soon as you head home and keep them in an airy area to reduce the smell of sweat.

Fashion Tips for Men
Contrary to common belief, following the latest fashion trends is not just meant for women alone. Men too can equally spruce up their look and get the temperature in the room soaring with just a little attention to their wardrobe and styling. Don’t believe me? Give these handy fashion tips a try and trust me, ladies will have a hard time keeping their eyes off you! Bring out the hunk in you and let the style do the talking!
• Dress to the occasion – Make sure you have a collection of different styles of clothing that can cater to different occasions and situations. And yes pair the right accessories with the right clothes! For example, don’t make the mistake of wearing sporty sneakers at a formal evening.

• Keep the Fit in Check! – Loose and lanky dressing can be an instant turnoff! Wear body hugging jeans and t-shirts that are not too tight and not too loose. Airy and comfortable for the win!

• Go Simple Yet Trendy – You can always dress to impress with cool and casual clothing when sported with finesse and oomph. Yes, the look of manliness does not depend on brands alone – it’s the way you carry a style that works wonders!

• Make an Impression with your Casuals – Who said your usual jeans and tee has to be a boring affair? Reinvent your style statement and have fun with colors and designs of your shirts and collars. If you enjoy wearing it, she will enjoy looking at you too! However, don’t try to go too over the board, over trying and over-accessorizing is likely to back fore at you!

• Spruce Up Your Look Every Now and then – Last but not the least, keep the door for experimentation open and try out a new style statement every few days to revamp your look! A new manly haircut or a fresh shave can definitely unleash your inner hunk! Don’t be scared to go out of your comfort zone – you never know what might strike attractive in your special lady’s eye!

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