Rules of dating

There are many rules, or, actually schools of thought about dating and what men and women want and for the most part, these are opinions. Many of the so called dating rules are based on statistics and survey and probably bear more weight than others but some rules are just fallacy. However, the big mystery for all daters, which rules are fallacy and which rules are true? One of those rules that have been rebounded back and forth is men and women like the opposite sex to be hard to get. They do not want smooth sailing or someone that they can just win over immediately, the chase is something fun and thrilling. Well, many people believe that is true, and, there are probably a percentage of people who really enjoy pursuing the opposite sex as if it were a game. However, eventually, that gets a little old and tiring. Now, it is probably not a good idea to let your date know you are head over heals for them and you are ready for a commitment because that may scare them away. However, playing hard to get can also push a the opposite sex away, especially, if they are a bit insecure or intimidated. Nobody wants to invest time and energy in a person that is constantly running from or making it hard to date. In addition, the constant let down of the chase without any success may take a toll on the self-esteem and cause them to ultimately give up and pursue another person. Try being a little more open but also at the same time, keep your guard up. That way you are letting them in, saying you are interested, but if they really want all of you, they will have to put in effort and work. This is also a good way to protect your heart.

Where to find a date
People that want to date, and cannot seem to find a date complain that there are never good places to find single people, and while there may be a small element of truth to that, there are many single people that are out there just waiting to be found. The problem isn’t so much where are all the decent available singles it is people are so busy that it makes it hard to find them. When you think about it, going to a bar, restaurant, dance club or other venue like that can often feel like you are there to “pick up on someone” or have them “pick up on you” and that is pretty much the setting because where else can you go to meet single people? It is a good point, and the single frustrations are easy to understand however, that is when singles need to move away from the pickup place and move to other places where there are many singles. Finding a club to belong to, or a sports team or group can open the single doors wide open. If you enjoy biking, or want to take up the sport, then join a club because a lot of other single people are probably feeling the same way you feel and joining a club or some type of activity will easily broaden your selection of singles. In addition, taking up a class about something you like will also help your dating search. If you are interested in dancing, pottery, painting or anything you will no doubt be meeting new people. Being apart different activities can mean more opportunities. Maybe you won’t directly meet a single person of the opposite, but you may meet someone who is linked to a single friend of the opposite sex and something can be set up. There are many singles out there, and one in particular waiting to be found by you.

Pros and cons of internet dating
Internet dating is a great way to meet people, especially if you are someone who is extremely busy person with a demanding career and life or are a single parent. The internet is also great for newly divorced singles that are trying to get back into the dating scene. This is an easy way to get to know someone before you actually go out with them. In addition, you don’t have to worry about where to go to meet single people because they are all there at your finger tips. You can literally create your own criteria for what you want in the opposite sex. However, there are some pitfalls to dating online and one is you are not working at being social, and this could affect you later in your dates or relationship. Another concern about internet dating is it does not allow you to determine if you are compatible for one another. Yes, you are reading profiles and seeing if there is common interest, and yes, you are communicating and getting to know each other however, it does not guarantee compatibility. There is something very real about being compatible in person and that can only be determined after you meet a few times. Also many people rely on the internet or dating websites to find them a mate but there are no real guarantees that you will find someone. You may end up spending hours online and being consumed by the media dating sites and still not find a mate. Finally just because you have communicated and are ready to date does not mean that the guy is right for you. It is safe to assume that many profiles and resumes are embellished a little to give the appearance of a perfect date. Unfortunately, many are misled. Internet dating is not bad and has helped thousands of singles connect and as long as singles know the few risks, then internet dating is a good resource.

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