Seeing Double On A Double Date

Double dating isn’t something I’d normally do, but me and Gav met these hot tarty girls on a night out together so it made sense to take them both out together the following weekend. They were both blonde and busty, it didn’t really matter who took who.

We were having loads of fun, drinking shots and raving it up in a trendy bar. We all went out for a fag together, and to be honest I was plastered. Gav was talking to one of them and so I went in for a snog with the one in front of me. I swear to god she slapped me sober!

Then Gav was on me having a go for coming onto his girl, I didn’t know what was going on man. They just both looked the same to me; and as for Gav, well there was two of him in front of me before he knocked my lights out.

We were cool the next day though, aside from my black eye. He had just been knarked because I ruined his chances of pulling!

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