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Here is another little secret for you – a tip that can help you create a good relationship or make an existing one even better!
But we just started dating!
Don’t worry! I am not suggesting that you share everything, such as your cars, your living quarters, your money, or your closets! No, no, what we are talking about here is something much more practical. To build a new relationship or to grow and strengthen an old one, you need to share ideas, conversation, things that have happened in your day. In other words, you need to share things through words. Talk about your day! Did you have a really crappy day at the office? Then let your date know about it! To clarify, let me say that I do not recommend talking about a crappy day at the office on your first date – save that for a third or fourth date. Instead, share things about what you like and dislike – about movies, books, sports, etc. – on your first date.
What happens when you share. . .
When you share your thoughts, your experiences, your daily troubles and pleasures, you build up someone’s interest in you. If someone romantically likes you or is interested in you, the more they know about you the more they care about you. You can see this happen even with people that you are just friends with. The more they know about you, the less of a stranger you are to them and the more that they care. So let your girlfriend or boyfriend know things about you. If you don’t feel comfortable with it yet, you don’t need to share your deepest, darkest secrets yet. However, if you want to have a long and lasting and deep relationship, you need to be able to share anything and everything at some point.
You don’t need to set aside a time, tell your date you want to “have a sharing session” and then sit down and talk about yourselves. Sharing things about yourselves is excellent dinner conversation. If you are out in a restaurant and observe something, or you are talking about something that happened during the day, you can have a perfect, organic opportunity to share about your likes and dislikes.
While you are sharing things about yourself, please be sure to ask questions about your date. Really listen to him or her. Let your date know that you are listening through your expressions and comments. Sharing is a two way street, and it is very important that you find out about the other person!

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