Should You Ask Him Out?

Asking a guy out can be a traumatic experience for some women, especially if it goes wrong. What should you do? It seems like he’s giving all the signs he’s interested but he hasn’t asked you out on a date yet. Should you make the first move?
While women are usually the one being asked out, they are now becoming bolder in asking men out. Yes, it can embarrassing if you get rejected, but life goes on and so do you. Don’t let that fear make you miss an opportunity. If there is a guy you’re interested in it may not hurt to ask him out. He might be shy or terrified of being rejected. Women never think how scary it is for a man to approach a woman and ask her out on date.
If he’s been friends with you for a long time, you need to take that into consideration before you ask him out on date. Once you ask him, your relationship can change and sometimes not for the better. Things can become awkward and you might lose a really good friend. You can always get a second opinion before you make your decision. Your judgment may be clouded because of your feelings for him so if your friend tells you it’s a bad idea, it probably is.
Now let’s say you just met a guy through mutual friends and have been talking for a bit. He seems interested and has thrown some hints of getting together but hasn’t fully asked you out yet. He even calls you (big sign he likes you) and also texts you just to chat. Solid evidence like this can make asking him out a little easier. So the next time he mentions getting together, make plans for this to happen and you will have your date.
Society has changed and so have women. Don’t sit and wait for the “right” guy to come along. Sometimes he may right in front of you and too afraid to say anything. Ask him out, even if it’s just to casually hang out, you’ve taken the next step to a potential relationship. You may just need to take a chance!

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