Should You Break Up?

Lately your relationship has been standing on its last legs. You have given your all your effort to make the relationship work but things are still not going well. What should you do? Should you leave the relationship? No one wants to be a quitter but sometimes you need to know when it’s time to move on. It’s time to decipher when it’s just a rough patch or it is time to end the relationship.
There are certain signs to help you with your decision about breaking it off with your partner. One of the biggest factors to end the relationship is when you are no longer getting what you need and want from your partner. Chances are you aren’t the only one unhappy in the picture.
If you are constantly criticizing your partner or even trying to change him, it’s probably time to end it. You should never want to change your partner. If his personality or habits don’t suit you, don’t try to fix him. There’s nothing to fix, he’s just not compatible with you.
No longer enjoying each other’s company is another thing to take note of. Think back to when you first starting dating, you used to laugh at all his jokes and enjoy your conversations together. Now every time he has something to say you roll your eyes or even tune him out. If you can’t enjoy your partner’s company, how can you expect it to work between the both of you?
Let’s say you are putting in all the work to making this work. A successful relationship is never one-sided. It takes two people, you and your partner to make your relationship strong. While it can’t always be a 50-50 give and take, it’s a delicate balance. You will find yourself growing unhappy and resentful if you stay in a relationship where you are the only one giving your all.
It’s not easy to leave someone, so don’t make this decision lightly. If you really love your partner and you two want to work things out, work through the rough patch. Now if you don’t see yourself being happy with your partner, it is probably time to end it.

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