Should You Date Someone Who’s Not Your Type?

Everyone has certain things they look for in a person when it comes to dating. It could be physical things like height, hair color, or even nice teeth. Looking for a certain type also can go for personality traits like humor, empathy, and loyalty. While it’s nice to have certain guidelines when looking for a partner, having a certain type might be holding you back from finding someone great.
If all the men you have dated in your past met the requirements on your list and none have lasted, it may be time to throw that list out or at least reevaluate it. Honestly, having a type can make you seem close-minded and will pigeonhole you. There is a reason why those relationships didn’t work regardless if he was the perfect type for you. You may be looking for a type that’s not right for you.
Having a type isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Instead of getting to know the person, you judge them based on your requirements and cast them aside if they don’t fit the cookie cutter mold you’ve built. But you need to think for minute. Would you like it if a guy you were really interested did the same to you? Everyone is different and unique and should be embraced for it. The next time you go out on date, cast aside any requirements you want in your potential partner and really get to know the person. Listen to his interests and the things he enjoys and see if your personalities are compatible.
The saying “opposites attract” can also ring true for you. Maybe your type seemed compatible with you on paper but there’s something that never seems to work. Try to go out of your box and date someone who doesn’t have all the same interests or personality as you. He might be the balance you need in your life.
The next time you go out on a date, don’t be so quick to write the person off if doesn’t seem to be your type. It can take more than one date to get to know someone and you should give him a chance. You never know you might find a potential soulmate.

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