Should You Date Your Friend’s Ex?

Is it ever all right to date your friend’s ex? The majority of the time it isn’t the right thing to do but sometimes there are exceptions to the rule. You need to also understand that if you do decide to date a friend’s ex, your relationship with said friend will most likely change.
When it comes to dating an ex of a friend you need to consider your relationship with your friend. Is she a close friend or more of an acquaintance? Can you see yourself without having this person in your life? If the person is more of an acquaintance then it can be more acceptable for you to date their ex. However if it is a close friend, the relationship between the two of you will likely change.
Another important thing to consider when it comes to this subject is the length of time the two dated and also the context of their relationship. Did they only go out on a few dates? Or were they engaged? Considering how long they were together is a way to gage if your friend will feel betrayed or hurt if you go out with this guy. It is definitely not a good idea to date him however if they were in a very serious and long term relationship. You are just asking for a broken friendship and hurt feelings.
You also need to think about why or how they broke up. Was it an amicable split? If yes then you will have better chances that your friend will be all right with you dating her ex. If the breakup was an all-out mess then you might need to reconsider dating this ex.
Let’s say you’ve thought about it for a long while and know that you and your friend’s ex have a possibility of being very happy with each other. The honest and right thing to do is to speak to your friend about it and tell her how you feel. Be prepared that things may not go smoothly and that she might feel betrayed. It’s always better to be honest to the people you care about.
Sometimes when it comes to dating a friend’s ex you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Take into consideration how you would feel in your friend’s shoes but also consider your own happiness as well. If you truly feel that it is possible for you to have a great relationship with this ex, then be prepared of the consequences that will follow once you begin the relationship.

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