Should You Give Your Partner a Marriage Deadline?

Ideally the answer to this would be no, but not every relationship is the same and should be examined individually. That being said, you don’t want to wait forever for your guy to make up his mind and put a ring on it. Instead of giving him an ultimatum or deadline to propose to you, talk to him instead about what you both want.
If you and your partner have spoken about the future and want to have a family and children, don’t push the issue, especially if you notice he’s making an effort to build a future with you. Remember, engagement rings are expensive and he might need some more time to save up for the perfect him. Don’t nag him about proposing, let it happen organically and you will appreciate it even more when it happens.
Now if your partner has made no sign towards creating a future together and you two have been together for more than two to three years, it may be time to have a conversation with him. If it comes up in the conversation he doesn’t want the same things as you, you need to decide what to do. Don’t wait for him to change his mind, it’s highly unlikely he ever will and don’t stay in it hoping he will. You want to be with someone who has the same future goals.
The only time a deadline, and the term should be used loosely, should be given is if you two are extremely happy together and have spoken about the future but he’s procrastinating. Tell him that while you are happy with him you can’t wait forever for him to pop the question. It’s not an exact deadline but it can help him in the right direction. Express how important it is to you to start a family and a future with him. If he’s still taking his sweet time then yes, an ultimatum should be given.
Wanting to spend your life with someone is a wonderful thing that should not have a timestamp on it. Proposals should happen organically and be made when both parties truly want to take the next step together in life. If your partner is taking his time or showing no interest at all in getting engaged, give him a gentle (or big) nudge, it may be just what he needs to get down on one knee.

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